A Buyers Guide to Harissa

A Buyers Guide to Harissa

What is harissa and where does it come from?

harissa pasteHarissa is a fiery red chilli pepper paste from North Africa. A key constituent of so many Moroccan and North African dishes, harissa paste is a made predominantly with hot chilli peppers along with various other seasoning and spices including garlic, caraway seeds, ground cumin and coriander, tomato purée, salt and olive oil.

How to buy and store harissa

You can make your own harissa but these days some excellent pastes can be bought ready-made in jars or tubes and will ensure you always have some handy to spice things up at a moment’s notice.

Once opened, bought harissa should keep in the fridge for a couple of months but always check the label for specific product advice.

How to cook with harissa paste

Harissa paste adds a spicy kick to tomato based sauces, dips, tagines and vegetable dishes. But remember, use sparingly!

Harissa can also be used to add depth of flavour to fish soups and stews and can even be spread over salmon or similar ‘meaty’ fish and grilled until crisp.

Where to buy the best harissa

New By Mouth offer their authentic harissa paste, imported direct from Morocco in 140g tubes for just £1 (May 2014), which are convenient to use and represent excellent value.

New By Mouth offer a range of top quality ingredients more commonly found in the kitchens of top restaurants throughout the UK and Europe. And as any good chef will tell you, good food can only be created using good ingredients. Visit www.newbymouth.com or Contact us for further details.

Top chefs use harissa paste

Jamie Oliver’s harissa sardines with couscous
Nigel Slater’s Peppers with chick peas and harissa

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New By Mouth’s own chermoula paste recipe which they call charmella: Based on a Moroccan recipe, this is a sauce which is both spicy and fragrant, but not searingly hot, like Harissa.

Charmella’s uses are not limited to dishes of North African origin, it also produces wonderful results when spread over slow roast meats, like shoulder or leg of lamb.