Buyers Guide to Kaffir Lime Leaves

Buyers Guide to Kaffir Lime Leaves

What are Kaffir lime leaves and where do they come from?

Kaffir Lime leaves are the fragrant leaves of the wild lime trees of South East Asia.

Now becoming increasingly prominent in the West, Kaffir Lime Leaves (or simply Lime Leaves as they are also called) are used widely in Thai and South East Asian cuisine in much the same way as we use bay leaves for flavouring in the West.

You’d struggle to order a citrus themed dish at your local Thai restaurant without discovering a couple of Lime Leaves thrown in, to really pep up and sharpen the refreshing flavours.

How to use Lime Leaves

As the name suggests they have a citrusy lime/lemon flavour paired with a slightly spicy taste. These flavours lend themselves excellently to soups and curries, and that’s exactly what Thai cuisine does with it.

How do you buy and store lime leaves

Lime Leaves can be purchased in resealable tins and will keep for up to 12 months in cool, dry conditions.

Where to buy Kaffir lime leaves

New By Mouth offer a range of premium  ingredients more commonly found in the kitchens of top restaurants throughout the UK and Europe, including kaffir lime leaves in 10g quantities.

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Top chefs use lime leaves …

We love the sound of James Martin’s Thai Coconut Mussels

Or, how about Masterchef’s John Torode’s Jungle curry of guinea fowl with coconut and lime rice


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