Packed with protein, fibre and essential fats (the good fats!), nuts make the perfect on-the-go snack or breakfast accompanyment. As with all our Nuts, Grains and Pulses, we pack them in our handy New by Mouth foil bags to keep in freshness. See our range below:

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Blanched Almonds Dried Fruit & Nuts
Blanched Almonds
With their brown outer skin removed, blanched almonds are great for creating pastes or marzipan with..
£14.95 Ex Tax: £14.95
Blanched Hazelnuts Dried Fruit & Nuts
Blanched Hazelnuts
With their brown outer skin removed, blanched hazelnuts are great for snacking on. They can also be ..
£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99
Cashew Nuts Dried Fruit & Nuts
Cashew Nuts
Like most nuts Cashews can be enjoyed in their raw form; but they also lend their uses to both sweet..
£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50
Flaked Almonds Dried Fruit & Nuts
Flaked Almonds
Flaked almonds are ideal for use in savoury dishes such as curries or stews while also being a great..
£11.49 Ex Tax: £11.49
Ground Almonds Dried Fruit & Nuts
Ground Almonds
Ground almonds are ideal for baking; add a small amount to the mixture to create a rich almond flavo..
£12.49 Ex Tax: £12.49
Hazelnuts Dried Fruit & Nuts
Hazelnuts really are versatile nuts, used either whole or grated in recipes ranging from both sweet ..
£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99
Macadamia Nuts Dried Fruit & Nuts
Macadamia Nuts
Like all the nuts we offer their uses are as long as your arm, many enjoy them raw for their buttery..
£22.69 Ex Tax: £22.69
Pecans Dried Fruit & Nuts
Prized for their high level of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, while many just eat them becaus..
£18.65 Ex Tax: £18.65
Pine Nuts Dried Fruit & Nuts
Pine Nuts
The star of the show in any good pesto, pine nuts largely lend themselves to savoury dishes. Their h..
£22.75 Ex Tax: £22.75
Roasted Pistachios Dried Fruit & Nuts
Roasted Pistachios
The gourmet nut of our range, pistachios have a uniquely rich flavour. Be it in chocolate, ice-cream..
£15.49 Ex Tax: £15.49
Walnuts Dried Fruit & Nuts
As far as nuts go walnuts are Mr. Versatile. Slightly bitter in flavour, they’re good eaten raw or c..
£13.69 Ex Tax: £13.69