Freeze dried strawberry powder 40g

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  • Size: 40g

Strawberry powder is a great way to elevate even the most humble of puds into the gastronomic stratosphere. Not only can it be used as natural colouring & flavouring in a variety of puddings and cakes (think vibrant strawberry macarons) but can also simply be used as a fantastic way to finish off a dish.

How to use it

Strawberry powder is a very versatile ingredient simply add a dash to your batter, cakemix, buttercream or really wherever the feeling takes you! Or artfully sprinkle some across the end product for a great way to finish a dish.

Allergens: No Allergens present
Nutritional Information Nutritional value ca. 1200 kJ/ 286 Kcal Available carbohydrates 50,9 g Thereof sugar 50,6 g Protein 7,6 g Fat 3,7 g Saturated fat 0,3 g Total dietary fibre 15,1 g Sodium 0,01 g Salt 0,03 g Org. acids 9,7 g
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