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While grain based powders such as Corn-starch are the more commonly used thickeners, the beauty of using a root based versions such as potato starch is its ability to gelatinise at lower temperatures. This means you can add the powder at the end of cooking to thicken solutions without the need for high temperatures or long cooking. There are also other key benefits such as how it alters the flavour of the dish less while leaving a smoother mouth feel.

How To use it
Potato starch unlike grain based thickeners is unable to withstand high temperature, so add at the end of cooking before serving.  The fantastic thing about this is you can leave it to the last minute to decide if your sauce or stew has the desired thickness or not.  


Size: 1.5Kg
Ingredients: Potato Starch 100%
Allergens: No allergens present
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 Months
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