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Tonka beans are a somewhat unusual spice with similarities to vanilla, but with a more fruity and spicy element.

The aroma of the Tonka bean shavings is so affecting that it seems like an actual taste in the way that opium, which has no taste in the traditional sense, "tastes" like its rich, flowery smoke” – One of our knowledgeable chefs

How To use it
The Tonka beans can be grated and infused into liquids or added to dry ingredients. With a strong aroma you only need a small amount to get the desired flavour. Use in pastry recipes, to flavour custards, "crèmes brulées", cakes, chocolates the list goes on...

DISCLAIMER: Use as flavouring, do not consume directly


Size: 250g
Ingredients: Tonka Beans 100%
Allergens: No Allergens Present
Minimum Shelf Life: 12 Months
Storage Instructions: Store in dry conditions and in an airtight container
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