Balsamic Vinegar Rocks

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  • Size: 50g

Dark balsamic vinegar rocks are a truly unique way to add an extra dimension to your meals. Made using freeze-dried balsamic vinegar, these 'rocks' are a soon to be must have in the discerning foodies kitchen.

How to use

The possibilities are pretty much endless with these versatile little rocks. Crumble a little over a Bruschetta or a Salad for a crunchy balsamic hit. Or really push the boat out and sprinkle a little over a good quality vanilla ice cream.....

Size: 50g
Ingredients: Dark balsamic Vinegar, Maltodextrin
Storage Instructions: Storage in cool dry conditions is recommended. Once opened, re-seal and store in a low humidity environment, refrigeration is ideal, and consume within one month.
Nutritional Information Per 100g: Energy 2050kJ Protein 2g Total fat 1g -saturated fat 0g Carbohydrate 142.5g -sugars 53.7g Sodium 98mg
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