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Agar Agar is a widely used gelling agent, through Gelification it enables foods to be moulded into a range of shapes without altering taste.  As it is extracted from red algae the product is suitable for vegetarians; with many manufacturers now using it as a substitute for gelatine.

As Agar Agar is heat resistant it can also be used in baking helping to thicken and hold together pastry fillings, icings and even meringues.  Typically only a few grams are required in recipes while the more you add the firmer the gel becomes.

How it works
Gelling occurs when a solution of agar-agar has cooled in a liquid that was previously heated to boiling temperature. Gel formation takes place at temperatures between 32°C and 43°C.  Therefore heat the desired solution for Gelification to boiling point and begin cooling, before the temperature reaches 43°C pour the solution into the desired mould and allow to cool/solidify.

Size: 180g
Ingredients: Agar Agar 100%
Allergens: No Allergens Present
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 Months
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