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Soy Lecithin, an extract from soy beans is a widely used emulsifying agent in modernist cooking. Emulsifying agents act as a bond to hold both the liquids together, for example for oil in water emulsification, the agent would have a chemical bond with both the water and oil therefore acting as a bridge between them. A common example of this is mayonnaise, where egg yolk allows oil and vinegar to be mixed.

Putting this into practice we can create liquid emulsion and light or frozen foams. Here’s an example of a soy sauce foam we created:





Directions for use and Tips
To obtain maximum foam from a liquid with added lecithin, the liquid mixture should be mixed with a hand blender from top to bottom, in order to incorporate as much air as possible into the liquid. The effect will be stronger if a few drops of oil are added.

Size: 180g
Ingredients: Soy Lecithin 100%
Allergens: Contains ingredients derived from Soya
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 Months
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