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Commonly used as a key component in cheese making to squeeze out liquid whey from curds, Muslin acts as an excellent strainer for liquids such as soups.

Value for Money
Our roll comes in a size of 1500cmx23cm, making it ideal for simply rolling out and cutting to size. As the muslin is already 4 ply (4 layers stitched together), there is often no need to “double up” the sheets they are thick enough already, this means excellent value for money with each roll going further than the lower ply alternatives.

How To use it
Simply create a muslin bag and fill with the desired foods for flavouring/straining, these can then be easily retrieved once infused/strained.  Muslin is also used in spherification to strain solutions to be spherified. This helps remove excess water, improving the likeliness of strong defined spheres being produced when dropped into the water bath.


Size: 1500cmx23cm in size and 4ply (4 layers stitched together).
Ingredients: 100% Cotton
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