Chorizo & Black Garlic Beer Sticks 450g


Chorizo & Black Garlic Beer Sticks 450g


Savoury snacking salami


Bringing straight to your bar/beer top… beer sticks! The ultimate artisan bar snack for the artisan beer age.

An interesting new take on ‘the bar snack’ – packed full of flavour, protein and hipster credibility – they add an extra dimension to any bar offering.

Pop one of these sticks over the top of a beer – indulge in the savoury meaty goodness washed down by your favourite beer.

Also a great protein kick snack to curb your in between meal cravings. Your gym gains will be thanking you for this! (8g protein per stick)

Snacking salami flavour:
Chorizo – Hint of paprika spice, rich black garlic and savoury pork

Quantity: Roughly 25 sticks – 450g

Origin: Young buck – Northern Ireland, UK , Pork – UK

Allergens: Sulphites , Young Buck flavour contains lactose

Packaging: Vacuum packed plastic bag

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