Fennel & Black Garlic Beer Sticks 450g


Fennel & Black Garlic Beer Sticks 450g


Savoury snacking salami


Bringing straight to your bar/beer top… beer sticks! The ultimate artisan bar snack for the artisan beer age.

An interesting new take on ‘the bar snack’ – packed full of flavour, protein and hipster credibility – they add an extra dimension to any bar offering.

Pop one of these sticks over the top of a beer – indulge in the savoury meaty goodness washed down by your favourite beer.

Also a great protein kick snack to curb your in between meal cravings. Your gym gains will be thanking you for this! (8g protein per stick)


Light fennel aroma, rich black garlic and savoury pork


Quantity: Roughly 25 sticks – 450g

Origin: Young buck – Northern Ireland, UK , Pork – UK

Allergens: Sulphites , Young Buck flavour contains lactose

Packaging: Vacuum packed plastic bag

Storage: Ready to eat product. Cool dry place – keep in sealable container after opening.

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