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Vanilla Works, as part of the New By Mouth family is a brand specialising in high quality vanilla products.

Few flavourings stimulate the senses quite like real, natural vanilla. The taste and smell is unique and so evocative; memories of childhood holidays, exotic distant lands, your gran’s unbeatable rice pudding and more besides can all be conjured up by the merest whiff of vanilla. Which is why we love the stuff. And it is one of the reasons we make it available it so many forms; beans, extracts, pastes and powders.

12 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar Vinegars
12 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Perfection is rarely if ever achieved in any walk of life, but our 12 Year Aged Balsamic gets pretty..
£16.99 £14.99
Chestnuts Preserved Vegetables
Cooked & Peeled Chestnuts 500g
Our Chestnuts have been peeled and pre-cooked for your convenience, all set for serving. Pasteurised..
£7.99 £6.99
Isomalt Sweeteners
Isomalt is a sugar for use in food moulds and decorations, with the ability to withstand high temper..
£6.50 £5.99