Asian Meal Box


16 stir-fry portions – minimum



Our Asian Meal Boxes are perfect for stocking up for the store cupboards. With enough ingredients to make at least 16 nutritious and varied stir-fry portions. That works out at less than £1.58 per portion!

Each box contains:
2 x Vermicelli Glass Noodles (250g each) – gluten free
2 x Udon Noodles (300g each)
2 x Jackfruit (565g) – chopped and in brine
2 x Coconut Milk (400ml each)
1 x Thai Curry Paste (1kg) – Red or Green, both shrimp free
1 x Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (740ml)
1 x Soy Sauce (500ml) – gluten free