White Quinoa 1kg


A great addition to your diet. Nutty, versatile and full of muscle building protein.


Pronounced ‘Keen-wah’ this humble little grain is one of the few foods that can legitimately claim ‘superfood’ status. As unlike most grains it is a complete protein – containing all 8 essential amino acids – this make it a great ingredient to help build and maintain muscle (especially for those on a vegetarian/vegan diet). As well as being good for you it is also has a delicate nutty taste which makes it handy as a side dish for all manor of dishes (it can be used as a souped-up rice substitute) or used to make vegetarian burgers/’meat’balls.

Ingredients: 100% white quinoa

Country of Origin: Bolivia & Peru

Allergens: No Allergens present as part of the product, however gluten may be present as foreign matter.

Packaging: Food grade plastic packaging

Storage: Store in cool dry place and in an airtight container after opening