Wild Rice (1kg)


Hearty and textured wild rice is a great way to add star power to your side dishes.


Pricey for a reason, don’t be fooled by the name; this is no ordinary rice.  In fact it’s a completely different species from your common day basmati or long grain, it’s actually the seed of a water dwelling grass from North America.  A real specialty, this rice is somewhat hard to come by due to the small yield from growers based mainly in America and Hungary. They take longer to cook than your common day rice, taking around 45-60 minutes. But the result is worth waiting for, a tender texture which really adds interest to a dish.

*Tip Add a scattering to white rice to zazz up rice dishes, just remember to cook the wild rice for longer*

Ingredients: 100% Wild Rice

Allergens: No known allergens present

Country of Origin: USA

Packaging: Clear plastic bag

Storage: Once opened, reseal and keep cool, dry and out of direct sunlight